Ski-Doo and Klim snowgear in stock

Posted: October 8, 2009 in Motorcycle, Snowmobile
Klim & Ski-Doo Gear In Stock

Klim & Ski-Doo Gear In Stock

The winter season is fast approaching (snow flurries are in the forcast for this Sunday) and that means it’s time to update your riding gear so you’re ready for the cold and snow.  The key to any winter riding, whether its on a snowmobile or ice bike, is to stay warm and dry.  At Petrie Motorsports we believe in stocking quality gear that really works, not cheap stuff that just looks good.  Klim has built a reputation as one of the premier clothing and gear brands for the outdoor enthusiast and Ski-Doo has been building some really nice quality gear for years.   They both have a range of waterproof, breathable, high tech clothing that will keep you dry and the proper layers to wick any sweat away from your body so you don’t get chilled when your body temperature drops. 

The key to both systems is to start with a moisture wicking base layer like the Klim Agressor shirt and pant, then layer  the Everest arctic fleece over that and top it off with the Klimate parka and bib.  The Klimate parka incorporates a Gore-Tex waterproof and breathable top layer with the base layers that allow any internal moisture to wick away keeping you dry from both directions.  The Klim Klimate bib is insulated for the colder days with Thinsulate zonal design, 200 grams in the front and 100 grams in the back to reduce bulk and keep the most exposed areas warm.  The Klimate parka features 200 gram Thinsulate throughout. 

Also, don’t forget your extremities.  If your head, hands or feet get cold it can affect your whole body.  Try a pair of Togwotee Gore-Tex gloves with removable fleece liners and Adrenaline GTX boots (with some Klim socks) to keep your fingers and toes toasty and dry.  Top it all off with a Klim balaclava under your helmet and you will be an unstoppable force because you will be warm and dry all day when your buddies are suffering through a wet, cold miserable ride!

Petrie Motorsports also stocks a good selection of Ski-Doo riding gear and it follows the same principles as Klim.  Moisture wicking base layer, fleece mid-layer and jackets and bibs that feature RPM waterprooof and breathable fabrics.  You’ll find these features in the Pinnacle 3/1 jacket, X-Team Winter Race jacket and even the inexpensive Track & Trail jacket.  If you want the best insulation possible, try the Glide jacket with Primaloft Eco insulation and removable inner liner.

The Ski-Doo RXTS boot is a comfortable, lightweight but warm boot that you can wear all day and try a pair of Ski-Doo X Technical Socks to keep you warm and dry.  On the opposite end, your head, Ski-Doo has you covered with the Modular II helmet.  This is still one of the very best all around helmets on the market with its modular design, built in breath mask (that prevents any fogging), retractable sun glasses, protective chin curtain and optically correct, double pane lens.  This is the only helmet on the market that really prevents any fogging and can be worn with glasses as well. 

Check out our website,, where you can order any of this gear online, or stop in and check it out in person.  You won’t be disappointed.


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