Ice Riders Attention – Sheboygan shutdown?

Posted: October 12, 2009 in ATV, Motorcycle, Snowmobile
 I pulled this off  I was not aware of it and a lot of people don’t check that forum in the summer months.  Sheboygan county is potentially threatening to shut down ice riding.  County board meeting is Tuesday October 13th so we all need to call now to let them know how we feel.

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This post was taken from by Haudy991:

“I am very new to this forum and joined in hopes creating awareness of a revision to Sheboygan County’s Recreation Ordinance. The Sheboygan county resource and planning commitee is attempting to pass a revision that would make it illegal to operate an “unliscenced/ unregistered motorized bicycle at any county facility”. For those of us who ice ride at the sheboygan county marsh that means us! It is already hard enough to find a place to ride a motocross bike anywhere and especially in the winter.

Another hidden restriction in the rec. revision would enact a 25MPH speed limit at any county facility for all other vehicles, that would mean 25MPH on the marsh for all snowmobilers.

I am working with my local snowmobile clubs but hope to gain support from the motorcycle community as well. I am working to get a copy of the potential revision out to as many sources as I can. The articles that attracted my attention are slightly hidden in the current proposal behind the main goal enatcting a fee for all who use the Sheboygan county recreation trails and boat landings.

Thank you for reading and I hope to gain support in retaining our right to ride. Please fell free respond with any questions or inquires as to how you can help.”

You should be able to contact the people involved via the original post on WisconsinMX.

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This Update:

“There will be an open meeting to discuss this revision on Tuesday October 13th, 2009. The other option that is most conveinent is to simply call and voice your concern to the Sheboygan County Director of Planning.

Jim Hulbert (920)-459-3060

Let him know that we are worried about lossing our riding spot. Most recently when the subject of motocross ice riding was brought to his attention, he was unaware that people actually do that. ”

Heck yah, we ice ride!

Heck yah, we ice ride!


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