Start the New Year with the Dakar Rally!

Posted: December 31, 2009 in Motorcycle
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Wasn’t it just a couple of years ago that we were partying “like it’s 1999”?  And Y2K was the big crisis of the day.  Current times make those things seem insignificant.  It’s amazing (not necessarily in a good way) how much the world has changed in 10 years.  No 9/11, no war on terror, no unemployment over 10% and no global financial crises at the end of the last decade.  I hope the next decade brings better times but it looks challenging. 

Lets start this one out on the right note and support Jonah Street and Team Rally PanAm in their effort to conquer the Dakar Rally race in South America.  You can follow the action on Versus T.V. starting Jan. 4th with half-hour daily updates for the 16 days of the race.  You can also follow the team posts on Twitter @ Rallypanam. 

Last year Jonah was in second place before he was forced to retire from the race due to a wrist injury.  Jonah Street has what it takes to win this race but with the Dakar you also need a bit of good luck to go your way as well and stay injury free for the duration of the race.  Not to mention a huge effort to keep the bike in good shape mechanically.  The race starts in Buenos Aires on New Years Day and covers 5,000 miles of South America for the next 16 days. 

Jonah Street/Rally PanAm at Petrie Motorsports in June 2009 with the 2009 KTM 690 Rally bike


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