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Finished 2009 KTM 950 Super Enduro Erzberg Limited Edition with CJ Designs 17" Wheel Kit

Building my next “demo” bike has been a lot of fun and I now have a bike that is versatile and functional.  The 2009 KTM 950 Super Enduro Erzberg Limited Edition (whew, big name) is a great monster enduro bike right out of the box but I had some things to add to make it even better.

Canisterectomy - this stuff's got to go!

CJ Designs SAS block-off plates

Pull the carbs and rejet for Remus Exhaust

KTM ProBend hand gaurds with large deflectors

KTM Heated grip kit w/bar mounted control

Adjustable mirrors, they also fold in for off-road riding

Locking Garmin GPS mount for the Zumo 550

Rox pivoting 2" bar risers, CJ Designs bar clamp

CJ Designs Enduro foot peg extensions, black

Remus Revolution Carbon Fiber bolt on silencers w/spark arrestors

Rear view of the Remus exhaust, save over 10 Lbs. from stock

CJ Designs billet clear clutch cover, CJ Designs 17" wheel conversion kit, KTM tank bag

In the current street trim I removed the rear grab handles for a sleeker look and while they were off I had them anodized black to match the rest of the theme on the bike and when the bike gets put into dual-sport use I’ll mount them back up with a CJ Designs billet rear rack (black)  for a nice integrated package. 

950 SE carbon fiber tank panels, $269.00 + shipping

950 SE carbon fiber rear fender, $329.00 + shipping

I also have a set of carbon fiber body work on the way for the bike.  This is a brand new product available from Petrie Motorsports and it’s not a whole lot more expensive than the stock plastic.  These are built in small batches and availability is limited so if you’re interested in a set get your order in soon.

All of the products you see on the bike are available from Petrie Motorsports.  We obviously handle all the KTM OEM parts and we have the full line of Remus Exhaust available and CJ Designs parts are all available from our website, or and click on the “specialty catalogs” tab, or you can email or  call in orders as well:

email –

Phone – (262)723-5518

Some changes that we did to the bike that came later:

CJ Designs Luggage Rack for the 950 SE anodized black

Carbon Fiber tank fairings and rear fender - cool pieces that match the Remus Carbon Fiber cans


Rear view with the CJ rack, Remus exhaust and carbon fiber body work


950 SE w/18"-21" dirt wheels, loaded and ready to go on one of our Trans WI Adventure Trail rides (search the blog posts for a complete ride report and lots of pictures)

If you're going to go play in the dirt you need some traction - The Terra Flex tire fits the bill


I’m pleased to announce the continuation of the KTM / FMF Fan Experience this year at select rounds of the AMA National Motocross series.  This year we have added more rounds to the Fan Experience tour.  They will be held at the Hangtown Motocross Classic (5/22/10), Thunder Valley MX (6/26/10), Red Bud Motocross Championship (7/3/10) and Steel City (9/4/10).  Tickets are now available for purchase. 

Each ticket purchased receives the following:

Smokin' deal on MX ticket package!

  • Race day admission pass
  • All-day pit access pass
  • Free parking for all participants – includes special motor home parking for the first 30 KTM/FMF fans that show up on the day of the race (does not include camping fees)
  • Free catered lunch
  • Access to KTM exclusive trackside seating area with Live Timing Screens
  • Special Autograph Signing with KTM Factory Riders
  • Post-race Track Walk with explanation of the various elements of the racetrack lead by Jagermeister/KTM and FMF/KTM Team Manager Casey Lytle
  • Free KTM/FMF event T-shirt
  • Free Jagermeister/KTM swag for fans over 25 years old


A package of this type typically runs for over a $200 value. KTM has partnered with MX Sports to subsidize the tickets for KTM fans and owners and will be offering tickets for only $85.00. A very limited amount of tickets are available per event.

For tickets please email  .

See you at the races!

Icon Variant Helmet, Etched Blue
  • All World Standard, meets or exceeds the following: DOT FMVSS 218 (US), ECE 22-05 (EUROPE), SAI AS1698 (AUSTRALIA) & SG (JAPAN) SAFETY AND TESTING STANDARDS. Does not ship with SAI or SG certification stickers unless purchased in that country.
  • Fiberglass/Dynema /Carbon Fiber Shell
  • Long oval headform
  • Wind tunnel tested and refined
  • Anti-lift visor to reduce glare
  • Multiple oversized intake and exhaust ports
  • Molded EPS nose reduces shield fogging
  • Quick-change fog-free shield
  • Removable Hydradry moisture wicking liner
  • Rear spoiler for reduced helmet buffeting
  • Removable chin curtain
  • Imported
  • One of the hottest new helmets to come along in a while, the Variant combines edgy street styling with dual-sport versatility.  Available in a wide range of colors and at a mid price point, this is a practical new helmet.  The lens affords very good, distortion free, peripheral vision and the interior liner is removable and washable.  Call  (262)723-5518 or email ( Petrie Motorsports for availablity and pricing (ranges from $350.00-$390.00).

    Icon Variant Medallion Gloss

    My initial impressions are that this helmet is comfortable but tends to run a little on the small side of of the size range.  The wide peripheral vision gives a good view of the road and the noise level is fairly low as compared to other helmets I’ve tried.  It is very nicely packaged and comes with a  helmet bag, anti-fogging lens cleaner and lens cloth and a removable chin curtain for colder weather riding.  The lens is so clear that I would suggest a tinted lens for sunny days! 

    Icon developed this as a street helmet but I think it will fit the need for a dual-sport helmet as well.  Removing the lens is not a “quick” process but it can be done if you prefer to use goggles.  Here is a link to Icon’s tech video:

    2011 Ski-Doo MX Z XRS

    Ski-Doo Spring Fever Promo

    Now is the time to grab a great deal on a 2011 Ski-Doo sled by getting your spring order in before April 18th.  This is the only time you can order an X package model!

    Exclusive Spring Models
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    Guaranteed Availability of E-TEC 800R engine
    If you want to ride an E-TEC 800R-powered MX Z TNT, Summit Everest, Renegade Adrenaline or Renegade Backcountry sled, you really should order in the spring – or you’ll be taking the chances next winter. That’s because we are limiting production of those sleds for the winter selling season.

    Guaranteed Best Deal: This year we are guaranteeing that the Spring promotion is the BEST deal we will offer on 2011 Ski-Doo in-season sleds or we will give buyers a credit for twice the difference. Waiting to buy during fall, or even winter, will not get you a better deal. Period.
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    It’s Easy
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    Click here to go to model selection:

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    Ski-Doo Spring Fever Promo

    Finding a high quality, high performance exhaust for your motorcycle is not terribly hard to do, but finding one that fits those requirements and doesn’t leave you in the poor house is another challenge.  As part of my quest  to setup my 950 Super Enduro I wanted to swap out the heavy stock silencers that retain a ton of heat and put on something lighter, cooler and better performing.  I also wanted a black silencer to match the rest of the bike color scheme.  Well, guess what?  There aren’t very many choices that fit those requirements! 

    950 Super Enduro w/Remus Revolution Titanium

    KTM has an association with Akropovic and they build very high end exhaust systems at a very high end price – and they’re not black.  So I started looking at my options which led me to Remus.  Remus is built in Austria (as are the KTM bikes) and uses top of the line materials to build a durable, high quality exhuast.  My first introduction to the brand was with C. J.’s 950 Adventure that has a 2-into-1 exhaust setup on it.  He had blown apart two silencers from another manufacturer and then he installed the Remus Revolution Titanium model and it has stood up to several thousands of miles of abuse already with no issues.  The Remus Revolution uses internal baffles rather than packing, comes with a spark arrestor and a removable db baffle. 

    The other nice factor involved in this is that Remus is reasonably priced compared to the competition and performs as well or better than the competitive brands.  Durability is always a factor on any bike but especially so on dirt bikes, dual sports and adventure bikes.  Remus fits the bill. 

    690 Enduro Remus HexaCone system

    Petrie Motorsports has the full line of Remus exhaust available for KTM motorcycles and we’ll be posting all the info on our Dual Sport Warehouse website soon, but until then please call for pricing and availability.  (Udate: click HERE for our ecommerce site).  You can also go to the Remus website for applications and pricing and then place your order thru Petrie Motorsports until we are up and running. 

    Petrie Motorsports phone: (262) 723-5518 or email us at

    Remus website:

    Here is a sampling of some of the slip on silencers available:

    (You’ll just have to believe me when I tell they’re available in either black stainless steel or black carbon fiber because I was not able to get any pictures of those in a format that would post to this blog.  I will take pics when I have my carbon fiber Revolution’s mounted on the 950 Super Enduro.)

    KTM 690 Duke w/Remus HexaCone Titanium

    Closeup - HexaCone Titanium

    KTM 950 Adventure w/Remus Revolution Aluminum

    KTM 950 Super Enduro Erzberg w/17" Super Moto wheel setup

    Petrie Motorsports just recently received a couple of KTM 950 Super Enduro Erzberg Limited Edition bikes.  This is the king of the monster dual-sport bikes and past winner of the Erzberg prolouge race up the zig-zagging mountain mining roads in Austria. 

    What makes it a Limited Edition you ask?  From the factory KTM adds in a carbon fiber ignition cover, black billet clutch cover, orange clutch resevoir cover, special graphics kit and roost hand guards.  These goodies make a pretty nice bike but since one of these is going to be my new demo bike we had to add a few more goodies:

    * KTM/Acerbis Pro-Bend hand guards with larger shields that provide protection for your hands and your levers.

    * Handle bar cross-bar to use as a gps mount and the KTM anti-vibe, locking  gps mount for the Garmin Zumo 550. 

    * CJ Desings enduro foot peg extensions, black anodized.

    * CJ Designs rear rack.  CNC’d from 1/4″ thick, heavy duty aluminum and anodized black.

    * KTM roll sack.  Waterproof , dustproof rack bag for carrying your gear on the rear rack.

    * Folding mirrors that are ajustable for length.  These work great for taller riders to see past the shoulders and they fold in for trail riding so they don’t get damaged. 

    * Rox 2″ pivoting bar risers, anodized black (or orange) by Petrie Motorsports to match your KTM.

    * CJ Designs clear clutch cover assembly.  A little bit of functional bling, provides room for a Rekluse auto clutch if you choose to go that route and you can watch the operation of your clutch and see your oil condition.

    * KTM tank bag will go on before the bike is put into service.

    * Might add heated grips just to make life that much better and a 12 volt outlet to run a heated vest (now that’s getting pretty wimpy but after last fall’s ride in 4 days of rain and 45 degrees I might be ready).

    * The bike comes with 18″/21″ wheels with good dual sport tires but of course once Craig from CJ Designs heard I had the bike here he had to come over and “test fit” his 17″ super moto wheel setup.  So the picture shown is with CJ Designs 17″ wheel kit that is made up of 17″ Super Duke Marchesini mag wheels, rear cush drive and all the hardware, front custom hub spacer/rotor mount and a front axle bushing kit.  Since I’ll be breaking in the bike on the street he just left those wheels on for now (normally Craig runs this setup on his KTM Adventure for street running).

    I’m sure we’ll dream up some other “necessary” items but this is a good start and I’m just waiting for a break in the weather to get out and ride.  I was considering putting the ice tires on this bike but it’s nearing the end of that season and I was afraid the big 950 would shread my ice tires!  Maybe next winter.

    According to DOI (Department Of Interior) documents uncovered by the AMA (American Motorcylclist Association) the Obama administration is considering closing 13 million acres of public land for use by the public.   The biggest issue is that this is being looked at without any public debate or input from the people and communities affected.   By using National Monument designation the President doesn’t need to go through the normal process of public input before moving forward. 

    Several congressmen from both parties in the affected area (in 11 states: Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Utah, Washington and Wyoming) have spoken out against such an anti-access stance taken by the current administration.  For a more detailed report you can go to the Motorsports Newswire blog:

    This is an important issue that will impact all types of recreation on public lands in these 11 states.  But don’t think it will stop there because your state will be next if you don’t get involved and voice your concerns with being locked out of our public lands.  Every year the extreme environmental groups ram-rod some new land grab through and bit-by-bit (or several million acres at a time) the lands that have been set aside for public use and recreation are closed and designated as “wilderness” or “national monuments” locking out the people who have paid to have these lands!  It’s our tax dollars that are used to set aside public land for pubic use, and it is our same tax dollars that are used to exclude us from using that land, so we need to be active in the decision process that determines how that land is designated.  Don’t leave it to the vocal, well funded, and single-minded anti-access groups to decide how your future will look.