Public Land Grab Met With Outrage

Posted: March 1, 2010 in ATV, Boat & Watercraft, Motorcycle, Snowmobile

According to DOI (Department Of Interior) documents uncovered by the AMA (American Motorcylclist Association) the Obama administration is considering closing 13 million acres of public land for use by the public.   The biggest issue is that this is being looked at without any public debate or input from the people and communities affected.   By using National Monument designation the President doesn’t need to go through the normal process of public input before moving forward. 

Several congressmen from both parties in the affected area (in 11 states: Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Utah, Washington and Wyoming) have spoken out against such an anti-access stance taken by the current administration.  For a more detailed report you can go to the Motorsports Newswire blog:

This is an important issue that will impact all types of recreation on public lands in these 11 states.  But don’t think it will stop there because your state will be next if you don’t get involved and voice your concerns with being locked out of our public lands.  Every year the extreme environmental groups ram-rod some new land grab through and bit-by-bit (or several million acres at a time) the lands that have been set aside for public use and recreation are closed and designated as “wilderness” or “national monuments” locking out the people who have paid to have these lands!  It’s our tax dollars that are used to set aside public land for pubic use, and it is our same tax dollars that are used to exclude us from using that land, so we need to be active in the decision process that determines how that land is designated.  Don’t leave it to the vocal, well funded, and single-minded anti-access groups to decide how your future will look.


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