Petrie Motorsports Now Has Remus Exhaust Available

Posted: March 6, 2010 in Dual Sport Motorcycle, Motorcycle
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Finding a high quality, high performance exhaust for your motorcycle is not terribly hard to do, but finding one that fits those requirements and doesn’t leave you in the poor house is another challenge.  As part of my quest  to setup my 950 Super Enduro I wanted to swap out the heavy stock silencers that retain a ton of heat and put on something lighter, cooler and better performing.  I also wanted a black silencer to match the rest of the bike color scheme.  Well, guess what?  There aren’t very many choices that fit those requirements! 

950 Super Enduro w/Remus Revolution Titanium

KTM has an association with Akropovic and they build very high end exhaust systems at a very high end price – and they’re not black.  So I started looking at my options which led me to Remus.  Remus is built in Austria (as are the KTM bikes) and uses top of the line materials to build a durable, high quality exhuast.  My first introduction to the brand was with C. J.’s 950 Adventure that has a 2-into-1 exhaust setup on it.  He had blown apart two silencers from another manufacturer and then he installed the Remus Revolution Titanium model and it has stood up to several thousands of miles of abuse already with no issues.  The Remus Revolution uses internal baffles rather than packing, comes with a spark arrestor and a removable db baffle. 

The other nice factor involved in this is that Remus is reasonably priced compared to the competition and performs as well or better than the competitive brands.  Durability is always a factor on any bike but especially so on dirt bikes, dual sports and adventure bikes.  Remus fits the bill. 

690 Enduro Remus HexaCone system

Petrie Motorsports has the full line of Remus exhaust available for KTM motorcycles and we’ll be posting all the info on our Dual Sport Warehouse website soon, but until then please call for pricing and availability.  (Udate: click HERE for our ecommerce site).  You can also go to the Remus website for applications and pricing and then place your order thru Petrie Motorsports until we are up and running. 

Petrie Motorsports phone: (262) 723-5518 or email us at

Remus website:

Here is a sampling of some of the slip on silencers available:

(You’ll just have to believe me when I tell they’re available in either black stainless steel or black carbon fiber because I was not able to get any pictures of those in a format that would post to this blog.  I will take pics when I have my carbon fiber Revolution’s mounted on the 950 Super Enduro.)

KTM 690 Duke w/Remus HexaCone Titanium

Closeup - HexaCone Titanium

KTM 950 Adventure w/Remus Revolution Aluminum


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