Ski-Doo Spring Fever Promo Thru April 18

Posted: March 17, 2010 in Snowmobile
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2011 Ski-Doo MX Z XRS

Ski-Doo Spring Fever Promo

Now is the time to grab a great deal on a 2011 Ski-Doo sled by getting your spring order in before April 18th.  This is the only time you can order an X package model!

Exclusive Spring Models
Ordering during the spring promotion is the ONLY way to get the hottest 2011 Ski-Doo snowmobiles, such as the MX Z X-RS, Renegade Backcountry X and Summit Freeride. And they’re not only the highest performing sleds, but the highest value sleds, too. You can save up to $2,650*!

Guaranteed Availability of E-TEC 800R engine
If you want to ride an E-TEC 800R-powered MX Z TNT, Summit Everest, Renegade Adrenaline or Renegade Backcountry sled, you really should order in the spring – or you’ll be taking the chances next winter. That’s because we are limiting production of those sleds for the winter selling season.

Guaranteed Best Deal: This year we are guaranteeing that the Spring promotion is the BEST deal we will offer on 2011 Ski-Doo in-season sleds or we will give buyers a credit for twice the difference. Waiting to buy during fall, or even winter, will not get you a better deal. Period.
Spring Exclusive Models Promo: We’re not only offering Spring-Only models, we’re also offering a great promotion on them.

It’s Easy
You only put on a small deposit to secure the sled of your dreams. The actual purchase, such as paperwork and financing, occurs in fall.

Click here to go to model selection:

Click here to go to promo flyer:

Ski-Doo Spring Fever Promo


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