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Wolfman Expedition Dry Saddlebags

Petrie Motorsports is now a Wolfman Motorcycle Luggage Dealer.  Wolfman caters to the dual sport, adventure and scooter markets with some great gear for hauling your gear! 

If you’re a adventure/dual-sport rider you can find a luggage solution from Wolfman.  The Expedition Dry Bags are a totally waterproof, dust proof solution for hauling your essential gear anywhere in the world.  From saddle bags and duffle bags for the rear to tank bags and tank paniers you are covered with tough and practical bags to get your gear to your destination (and back) in good shape and dry!

Wolfman E10 Enduro Bags

If you have a smaller enduro bike you may want to check out the Wolfman Enduro Line of bags.  Again, there are saddle bags, duffle bags and tank bags to choose from so you can set your bike up to fit your needs.   If your bike needs a rack to carry the bags on those are available as well so that your bags won’t contact the exhaust or any other  damaging areas of the bike.

Check out the line up here:

Strapping on a new Wolfman Expedition Dry Bag

CJ's KTM 950 Adventure w/Wolfman Expedtion Dry Saddlebags and Enduro Tankbag

Dave's sweet KTM 640 Adventure kitted out with Wolfman E10 Enduro Luggage


US Highland has appointed new officers to fill the spots left open by the plane crash earlier this month.  It’s good news to hear that the company is moving forward and that production of the bikes is on schedule with 2011 models starting to be delivered in August. 

There is a nice tribute page on US Highland’s website to the three men that lost their lives in the plane crash:

We look forward to checking out the bikes in person.  Craig from CJ Designs has already been to the factory and test ridden several of the bikes and he was impressed.  This may lead to something…?

While your at their website take a look around at all the cool stuff they’re building in Oklahoma!

I am very sorry to report that three of the principles in the new U.S. Highland Motorcycle Company based in Tulsa, Oklahoma were killed in a small plane crash near Tulsa on Saturday evening July 10th.  Chase Bales, Mats Malmberg and Damian Riddoch were returning from a meeting in Detroit, MI and had radioed for permission to divert their flight from Jones Riverside Airport to Tulsa International Airport because they were running low on fuel.  There were no other radio transmissions. 

U.S. Highland has set up production in Tulsa and was nearing the delivery of their first motorcycles to dealers this fall.  How this tragedy will affect the course of the company is not clear at this time. 

Our sympathy goes out to the families of these men and their co-workers at U.S. Highland.  They were putting together a unique model for a new American made motorcycle and they were truly dedicated to the sport.,-airport-officials-on-scene-of-plane-crash-near-mohawk-park