U.S. Highland Tragedy

Posted: July 12, 2010 in Motorcycle

I am very sorry to report that three of the principles in the new U.S. Highland Motorcycle Company based in Tulsa, Oklahoma were killed in a small plane crash near Tulsa on Saturday evening July 10th.  Chase Bales, Mats Malmberg and Damian Riddoch were returning from a meeting in Detroit, MI and had radioed for permission to divert their flight from Jones Riverside Airport to Tulsa International Airport because they were running low on fuel.  There were no other radio transmissions. 

U.S. Highland has set up production in Tulsa and was nearing the delivery of their first motorcycles to dealers this fall.  How this tragedy will affect the course of the company is not clear at this time. 

Our sympathy goes out to the families of these men and their co-workers at U.S. Highland.  They were putting together a unique model for a new American made motorcycle and they were truly dedicated to the sport. 



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