Giant Loop Motorcycle Saddlebags Represented at Central Adventure Rider Rally

Posted: August 19, 2010 in Motorcycle
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 Petrie Motorsports is the official Wisconsin dealer for Giant Loop Motorcycle Saddlebags and we will be displaying and selling product at the Central Adventure Rider Rally in Eagle River, WI on August 26-29. 

Giant Loop has a unique line of products for Adventure, Dual Sport and Enduro motorcycles that allows you to carry everything necessary for long expeditions or just bombing around on the weekend.  The beauty of the system is that it doesn’t require a rack system to mount the bags on so it saves on cost, complexity and weight.  It also distributes the weight in the bags low on the bike so it has a minimal effect on handling.  You’ll hardly notice you have a bag on your bike. 

Giant Loop has three basic sizes to meet various requirements: the Mojavi saddlebag for the minimalist that just wants to carry the essentials on a moto based bike, the Coyote saddlebag for dual sport or  moto bikes that will allow you to pack for longer adventures (holds 30 liters), to the Great Basin saddlebag that is designed for larger adventure bikes and holds 50 liters. 

Mojavi Saddlebag

Coyote Saddlebag

Great Basin Saddlebag

Petrie Motorsports is proud to be handling the Giant Loop product line.  They are designed and sewn in the USA and are built from tough, quality materials so they will stand up to lots of use and many adventures.  You can check out the product line and order your own at:

  1. Thanks Petrie Motorsports!

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