Deal Of The Week

Posted: December 10, 2010 in Motorcycle
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Check out the website for the current “Deal Of The Week”.  What is it you ask?  Well, it changes weekly (as the name might suggest) and is a random product that we are featuring and have special sale pricing on.  Currently we are featuring the Giant Loop Great Basin saddlebag.   This bag is designed for larger dual sport and adventure touring bikes and has a 50 liter capacity so you can fit all the essentials in the bag.

Giant Loop Great Basin in white and orange on KTM Adventure 990's

Giant Loop Saddlebags are unique because they do not require a rack to mount them and they carry the weight low on the bike keeping a good overall balance on the bike.  The Giant Loop line-up includes the Mojavi Saddlebag for moto bikes and minimal day trip capacity, the Coyote Saddlebag for Moto or mid-sized dual sport bikes and 30 liter capacity and the Great Basin Saddlebag for larger dual sport and adventure bikes with a 50 liter capacity.

The Fandango tank bag works great on bikes that have a fairly large filler neck and holds up to 10 liters of your gear.  Made from the same 22 ounce “truckers tarp” material as the saddlebags, the Fandango is waterproof and durable.  You can add the Buckin’ Roll for another 2 liters of capacity and expand your range of days on the bike before you run out of clean socks!

Check out the Giant Loop product line here:


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