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Craig & Wayne - The riders behind Dual Sport Warehouse

It’s been in the back of our minds for a couple of years now and over the last few months we have built our new website, .  We invite you to visit our site and check out what we have to offer.  Dual Sport Warehouse is a work in progress so we are adding products and information to the site on a daily basis.  Please check back often to see what we’re up to and if you don’t see what you’re looking for, send us an email, chances are we can help. 

FAQ:  What is Dual Sport Warehouse?

Dual Sport Warehouse is a collaboration between Petrie Motorsports, LLC and C.J. Designs, LLC that is focused on providing an outlet for parts, accessories and clothing specifically designed with the Dual Sport and Adventure motorcycle rider in mind.

FAQ: Who are Petrie Motorsports and CJ Designs?

Petrie Motorsports was started in 1996 by Wayne Petrie and was a full line motorsports dealership.  They handled KTM motorcycles, Sea-Doo pwc’s and boats, Can-Am atv’s and Ski-doo snowmobiles.  Over the years they realized that dual sport and adventure riders didn’t have a good single source to go to for their specific needs.

CJ Designs came to life when one of Petrie Motorsports customers, Craig Johnson, bought a 2006 KTM 950 Adventure and got hooked on the bike and the lifestyle.  Craig was a CNC machinist working at a local shop doing military grade contract work and as he rode his KTM he kept finding things that he needed or could improve on the bike.  So the natural result was he started designing and building lots of interesting parts and accessories for KTM, and other, bikes.  75,000 miles later his parts have been thoroughly tested and now you will be able to find them at Dual Sport Warehouse.

FAQ:  What are the goals of Dual Sport Warehouse? 

Dual Sport Warehouse is not a giant operation with robots feeding you useless information.  We will carry selected quality products that we know work well for the dual sport or adventure rider and advice on how the products will perform.  We are not the motorcycle superstore that claims to have everything for every bike but we will strive to bring you a good selection of focused products.  Some that are unique, some that are hard to find, but all have been quality tested and proven to perform well.

Dual Sport Warehouse is basically a place to feed our own passions – riding dual sport and adventure motorcycles (we can throw in a little super moto, dirt biking, ice riding and various other forms of motorcycling as well).  We are constantly looking for quality products to keep us on the bikes without having to worry about how the product will perform.  New and innovative items are always evaluated and tested by one or more of our crew before we decide to sell it. 

Dual Sport Warehouse is a place to bring those passions and realities together under one roof and take the guess work out of buying gear for you and your bike because you know we’ve done the testing.  And we will be the home base for all of the CJ Design products that spring from Craig’s creative mind!

WI-MI Ride 10-10

The view at Victoria Falls in the U.P. of MI as we pulled in