It’s time to get out of the shop for a little bit and go ride!  Our new website, has been keeping us busy with getting it launched, adding products and shipping orders and now that it’s somewhat under control we need to get out on the trails and do some riding ourselves.  This trip will be a testing and planning trip in advance of the big Alaska trip that Craig and Matthew are leaving on in late May so we are running some new products that will be used and evaluated to make sure they will function as intended.

You don't often see a winch mounted on the back of a motorcycle!

We are headed to the Hatfield-McCoy trails in West Virginia and we’ll meet up with a couple of the guys from Warn Winch who have ridden in that area previously so they can show us “the good trails”.  Warn will be working with CJ Designs to test and implement their new motorcycle winch system and prep Craig’s bike for the winch setup on the Alaska trip.  Some of you may know that Craig has been running a Warn winch on his 2006 KTM 950 Adventure for a couple of years now, since he got stuck in the snow in the mountains in Colorado, and Warn has developed a motorcycle specific package based off of some of Craig’s ideas.

Remus Revolution

One way to lighten up and make  more room on a KTM 950 Adventure is to drop the heavy stock dual exhaust and convert to a single side exhaust with a CJ Designs 2-into-1 pipe and a Remus Revolution Titanium silencer from Dual Sport Warehouse.  Remus is on board with this West Virgina trip and also Alaska and we’ll be running this setup on both KTM 950’s.  Craig has been running this setup for a couple years already and Matthew has just installed his Remus single pipe system.  We have tried some other brands of silencers in the past and they did not stand up to the demands of the single sided system and would blow apart after a few thousand miles.  Remus Revolution has proven to be durable and is a spark arrested silencer.

WI-MI Ride 10-10
Giant Loop Coyote Bag

I’ll be riding my KTM 560 dual sport bike in West Virginia and running a Giant Loop Coyote bag to handle all my gear that is coming along.  I’ve used these bags on previous trips and they work great.  You really don’t notice the bag is even on the bike when you’re riding since it sits back far enough and it carries most of the weight down low on the bike.  Your gear will stay dry and clean with no worries.  There are three size variations of this basic bag design to fit different sized bikes.  The Mojavi for moto bikes and small loads, day trips; the Coyote that holds 30 liters and fits moto or dual sport bikes; the Great Basin with a 50 liter capacity and is designed for adventure or large dual sport bikes. 

The Dual Sport Warehouse staff will be putting several other products to the test on this West Virginia trip as well.   Craig is testing out some Held gloves, Wolfman tank bag,  Heidenau K60 Scout tires, a new Rekluse auto clutch setup for the 950 Adventure, and fine tuning the CJ Designs/Christini AWD system on his bike. 
Matthew is running the Remus exhaust, several of the CJ Designs products available from Dual Sport Warehouse, and testing out a Go Pro camera system for recording the Alaska trip.   Matthew’s “day job” is as a professional photographer so he will be documenting the Alaska trip to post on this blog and also produce a trip DVD. 
We’ll also have along a couple of other riders on various bikes.  Dennis on a KTM 250 XC-W, Dan on his KTM 690 Enduro and myself on the KTM 560 dual sport.  We’re looking forward to a good week of riding in West Virginia and we’ll report back here after we return with pictures and how everything worked.
  1. Thanks for the mention guys! Much appreciated.

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