West Virginia Ride & The Blue Goose Inn

Posted: April 17, 2011 in ATV, Dual Sport Motorcycle, Motorcycle
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At the "Top-Of-The-World", West Virginia

Our Dual Sport Warehouse group just returned from a week of riding in  Matewan, West Virginia where we stayed at the Blue Goose Inn (www.bluegooseinnwv.com) with our hosts Bill and Theresa. 

Matthew on his 950 Adventure checking out some crazy machine. We never did find out what it is?

Matewan is well known for a couple of historic events, the Hatfield-McCoy fued in the 1880’s and the “Matewan Massacre” when miner unions and mine company detectives clashed in 1920.  Today Matewan is much more peaceful and the area is full of trail systems for atv’s and motorcycles.  The “Hatfield-McCoy Trail System” encompasses several counties and six different trail systems of  all types of terrain and difficulty and is known as “trail heaven” by the people familiar with it. 

We spent the majority of our time on the Buffalo Mountain trail system right outside Matewan and one day at Rock House that is just down the road a bit.  Our group was made up of  primarily dual sport riders on bigger bikes.  We had two KTM 950 Adventures, a 690 Enduro, a 560 Enduro and a 250 XCW so we wanted to test the bikes on the ATV trails the first couple of days and then move up to some tough single track for the last few days. 

Bill from the Blue Goose Inn was from the Chicago area and moved to Matewan about 5 years ago to take advantage of the trail riding in the area and he has been working very hard to develop some great single track trails for the dirt bikes.  And as a result the Buffalo Mountain trail system is shaping up to be a single track riders dream come true. 

A wet day on the Rock House Trails

Matewan and the Hatfield-McCoy trail system are smack-dab in the heart of coal mining country and also natural gas fields, so many of the trails are a result of coal mine roads or natural gas pipelines.  Many of the trails have pipe running alongside the trail to get the natural gas out of the mountains.  You’re constantly reminded of the great natural resources in the Matewan area because there is a steady stream of coal trains running by day and night bearing ton after ton of coal headed to variaous destinations around the country. 

Stay tuned for future posts with much more trail info, products used and pictures of the amazing riding in West Virginia.


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