KTM Dual Sport Riders Find Some Single Track

Posted: May 9, 2011 in ATV, Dual Sport Motorcycle, Motorcycle
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In a couple of the previous posts I talked about our week in West Virginia, riding the Hatfield-McCoy trails.  One of the cool things about the West Virginia trails is that there’s a lot of variety to choose from so you can pick some easier two track (atv trails) or go to the opposite extreme and ride some pretty intense single track.  Our group was made up of a group of guys that would mostly describe themselves as dual sport or adventure riders, covering a lot of ground either on or off road and on bigger bikes like the KTM 950 Adventure or 690 Enduro.   Our last two days we decided to test just what we could get through on the big bikes.

Some rocky ridges to test our skills


The view back on the ridge. Craig watches the next "victim" to give it a try!


Some of the muddy atv trails provided plenty of challenge just trying to climb some of the slick hills


We found the limits of what a 2wd 950 Adventure would climb up. Time to use that little Warn winch on the back

Craig’s 2wd KTM 950 Adventure was able to climb up some pretty surprising stuff and Craig manhandled it through lots of tight and treacherous trails but when we got to this climb we figured it would be a good time to try out the Warn winch and see how that worked.

Dennis handled the winch cable. This was a pretty steep climb, the camera makes it look less dramatic. The pipe is natural gas pipeline that runs along a lot of these trails


Successfully winched the bike up, re-mounted the winch on the CJ Designs rear rack and on we go!


At the first turn onto the trails Craig managed to find a mud hole that even a 2wd bike couldn't drive out of!


Some beautiful overlooks. Dan snaps picture of me snapping picture.


Craig found a tricky little section and tries to stay out from under his 550 lb. bike. Dennis helps spot him


Wayne on the KTM 560 descends one of the rocky hills


If there's a hill to be climbed Dennis was always willing to give it a shot. His KTM 250 XCW worked well

Dennis was always up for a hill climb challenge and he was pretty successful at it.  He came in handy for some of the rest of us that struggled on some of the climbs either helping us push up the hills or riding our bikes up a couple of times.  We all got our work-outs this week helping each other push, pull and drag bikes up some of the hill climbs!  It was a job but we all had smiles on our faces when we made it to the top.

Dan climbing up the single track on the borrowed Yamaha TTR 230 (the clutch fried on his KTM 690) Dan had a blast on the little Yamaha


Bill, our host and trail guide, on his 450 Husaberg shows us the way down one of his "goat trails"


When riding single track you're going to hit obstacles. Just jump your bike over that tree! 🙂


Dennis diving down a tricky steep section that caught a couple of us out


Do you think it'll fit? He made it down but ripped off his left foot peg doing it!

This was one of the hardest sections right at the end of our last day on the trails.  A steep, narrow down hill that had this rock wall on the right side and a boulder that stuck out right at handle bar height.  It pretty much forced you off the track and it pushed Craig off line a little and he hit a rock with his left foot peg and broke it off!

I came next and really messed it up and tumbled off the left side.  My bike flipped over and I managed to grab tree on the way down so I didn’t get hurt, but it could have been bad.  My left radiator was ripped off and I thought it was going to be a real mess but it had just popped out of the rubber bushings that hold it and wasn’t even bent.  Pull out the tool kit, make a few trail-side repairs and we were good to go…maybe.  When I started the bike it spit a big glug of oil out the breather and after checking my oil level I found that it was low from dumping it over and loosing it out the breather.

Since Craig was missing a foot peg and I was low on oil we decided to call it a day and head back for home.  It had been a great week of riding and we all made it through fairly unscathed and we had a blast.  Good time to stop before we couldn’t say that anymore.

Craig, Bill, Dennis and Wayne enjoying the view from the "playground"


Some of the local cuisine a the Matewan Depot Restaurant - what more can you say?


The view of our rig through the flood wall door

  1. Dan says:

    Love your write-ups Wayne!! WV was a great time!! My clutch is fixed and I am ready for some more!


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