Three of our riding buddies are franticly prepping their bikes, gear and bodies for a 2 month adventure to Alaska with a return trip down the Continental Divide all the way to the border with Mexico and then back to Wisconsin.  Departure date is May 18, 2011 for Craig, Matthew and Ardie and they have a lot of work to finish before that time. 

Craig, from CJ Designs and my partner in, is the mastermind behind the trip and has been planning this for about a year.  Craig is riding his 2006 KTM 950 Adventure with the CJ Designs/Christini AWD conversion done on it.  Matthew, from photography, is from Ohio and has signed on with Craig for this trip and is the official “team photographer” and will be in charge of pictures, video and riding the wheels off his 2006 KTM 950 Adventure.  The third member of the team is Ardie who is from Australia and he’s flying in 3 days ahead of the trip and finishing the final prep on the bike Craig is setting up for him (also a 2006 KTM 950 Adventure). 

Ardie’s bike as of a week before departure!

Ardie was somewhat of a last minute addition to the team and he needed a bike to ride, since shipping one from Australia was crazy expensive, so Craig agreed to build up a bike for him.  The issue is that Ardie is 6′ 8″ or so and makes these big 950 Adventures look like little toys.  So everything needs to be “super-sized”.  Heavy duty, tall suspension, Rox bar risers, CJD foot peg extensions, Hammerhead +20 mm shifter, etc, etc. 

Craig also had to go through his own bike and double check everything before this major trip.  They are expecting to put on about 20,000 miles in 2 months so they need everything inspected and in good condition before departure.  Craig has nearly 80,000 miles on his ’06 Adventure so by the time he gets back to Wisconsin he should be breaking the 100,000 mile mark!
Craig, Matthew and Ardie will be posting regular updates to the CJ Designs blog and you can follow their progress there.  They will be testing lots of the products that we sell at Dual Sport Warehouse and reporting on how the products work in the real world under extreme conditions.  They will go into much more detail on this but some of the “sponsors/product providers” are Remus Exhaust, Klim Enduro, Wolfman Luggage, Giant Loop Moto Luggage, Rekluse Auto Clutch, Rox Bar Risers, Heidenau tires, CJ Designs and several others.  If you’re considering any of these products you should get some good feedback on their function and performance during this trip. 

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