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Matthew, Katie, Craig & Ardie somewhere around Kodiak, Alaska

A quick update for those of you following the Three Muskateers on their Alaska, and other parts, adventure.  They made it from Wisconsin to Alaska in 9 days, approximately 5,000 miles to Anchorage.  They met Craig’s wife, Katie, in Anchorage and then headed out to Kodiak Island for about a week and then back to Anchorage to regroup for a day and then traveled up to Fairbanks. 

Katie flew out of Fairbanks, her two weeks already over.  I’m sure it seemed like not nearly enough time for her.  But she is safely back in Wisconsin and I need to contact her and round up some parts that Craig has stashed around the house.   With everyone out travelling my parts supply is dwindling!

After sending Katie off, Craig, Ardie and Matthew headed north for Prudhoe Bay and I just got his last “spot” from his satellite tracker and they have reached one of the northern-most points is the United States.  Click here to see their location.  The tracker shows their last 5 or 6 days of locations so you can see where they’ve been and how they got there. 

From here I believe they have to head back to Fairbanks (that’s the only road) and then over to Inuvik in the Northwest Territories and then start heading south along the Continental Divide all the way to Mexico!  The fun is just getting started.   

Kodiak Island "rain forest". Looks more like a scene from "Swamp Thing".

Gravel roads, mountains, water - Beautiful Alaska