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Make your plans now to attend the Central ADV Rider Rally in Eagle River, WI from Aug. 12-21.  Sign up at  This rally spans two weekends and offers lots of riding opportunities in Northern WI and the U.P. of MI.  Spend the week or come for a couple days, you’ll have fun as long as you show up!

Dual Sport Warehouse will be there with a vendor booth from 8/18 – 8/21, Thurs-Sun, so come visit us, ride some great trails/roads and enjoy a great week of riding and “hooliganism”.



On the trail as the journey winds down

The three adventurers, Craig, Matthew and Ardie, are on the last leg of their journey that has taken them from WI, across the northern U.S., through Canada – BC, Yukon and into Alaska.  Once in Alaska they spent a week on Kodiak Island, then went to Fairbanks and Prudhoe Bay, then cut east back into Yukon and the Nortwest Territories.  Once they headed back south the goal was to ride all the way down the continental divide, off-road as much as possible,  from Canada to Mexico and that took them back down through Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Colorado and finally New Mexico until they hit the Mexico border.

Currently they are on the final leg headed back to the Mid-West and their final destination, Wisconsin.  Click HERE to see their last few days of progress.  We are expecting them back on Wednesday, July 20 and they are planning on attending “Bike Night” at Quaker Steak & Lube in new Berlin off of I-43 with their bikes fresh off the road/trail.  Plan on stopping by to check out the bikes and gear that they used for 2 months of long distance traveling and camping through a wide variety of weather and terrain.

Surviving everything from rain, snow and cold to days over 100+ degrees requires good planning, good gear and bikes that will get you through all types of terrain.  This is your chance to see the bikes fully equipped and hear the story first hand of how everything worked.  There will be gear reviews and stories from the trail posted on the CJ Designs blog as well as here.

Craig is home once he hits Wisconsin but Matthew lives in Ohio so he will have a ride to get back home and Ardie is from Australia and will still have some traveling to do to get back to his home base.  Ardie has literally been around the world this last few months.  Here’s to wishing them a safe final leg and hope you all can come to welcome them home on Wednesday night.

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Review and photographs by: Matthew Fehrmann, for and

Let me start this review off with how impressed we are with the general performance of the Heidenau K60 Scout tire. What I hope to do is provide a good review including a collection of photos to share as they wore through our trip.  Another important point I will attempt to make is the mix of conditions we put them through, the weight of our bikes, and the milage they carried us down the road.  These are great tires and I will spoon on another set in the very near future.

The bikes we are riding are all 2006 KTM 950 Adventures.

Some of the specs to consider about our bikes, they are fully loaded for camping on the 2+ months and 20,000 miles we are spending on the road, we all have upgraded fuel tanks holding around 12 gallons each, and the riders weights range from 135lbs to 275lbs without gear. The rear Heidenau 150/80-18 is mounted on the stock adventure rim which is 4.25in wide, The front is 90/90-21 mounted on a 1.6in wide dirt bike rim either a DID Dirtstar Strong or Excel A60.  Regardless of terrain we ran these at street air pressures, remember we need a compromise on milage and performance after all we are largely self funded in our testing, so the rear we ran at 36psi and the front at 34psi.

Some samples of the brand new Heidenau K60 Scouts mounted up and ready to roll.

After burning up some pavement to put some milage under our belt we found the tires holding up great, they roll smooth on the road, hold corners very well, and are predictable on the pavement regardless of speed or lean angle.  There is plenty of side lug to start dragging hard parts on even the tallest of bikes so if you are into those sorts of things these tires will not disappoint.

We are about 2500 miles in for these photos and are almost at the ware bar in the center of the tire.  once reaching this bar the added surface area should provide us an even longer life and that is exactly what we found as we continued to rack up the miles.

We ran this set to 7162 miles before pulling them off and if we did not already have a tire drop in Fairbanks, AK we could have easily ran these another 1000-2000 miles as long as the roads or trails were not too muddy or sloppy.  We took them through a huge selection of terrain including but not limited to, highway, back roads, river rocks, hard pack dirt, gravel, and mud on the Haul Road to Deadhorse, in fact we chose to run these all the way to Deadhorse and back after stashing our dirt set since they were still performing so well.  The high mileage and traction was outstanding and for a 50 / 50 tire this is the set to run in my opinion.

The tires the day we pulled them off after 7162 miles.

Ardie’s Set (275lbs rider)

Craig’s Set (190lbs rider)

Matthew’s Set (135lbs rider)

Some notes about the front tire and it’s design, we did start to see some cupping near the end of our time running it but it wore like iron and stuck to the pavement and hard pack without much issue.  This is a hard tire to run in the mud and the slippery ruts but once you figure out that you will end up in the low part of the rut it becomes a predictable and truly ridable tire through all but the deepest of mud and slop.  For our use this tire ran the miles as intended on a dual sport ride, and the total milage shocked us on fully loaded bikes.  The Front K60 Scout we would classify as a 50% on road 50% off road tire through it’s entire serviceable life.

The rear K60 Scout hooked up on almost everything we could throw at it and is a better tire off road than the stock tire with no compromises on the street.  I’m totally sold on running this tire through almost anything dual sport rides could bring you and we all agree the rear tire is a good 65% off road 35% on road tire until about 4000 miles then it’s a 50% / 50% tire through the end.

Would we buy this set again for a trip like this? Yes no hesitation.

Milwaukee to Fairbanks in 7162 miles.

Buy them at Dual Sport Warehouse.