On the trail as the journey winds down

The three adventurers, Craig, Matthew and Ardie, are on the last leg of their journey that has taken them from WI, across the northern U.S., through Canada – BC, Yukon and into Alaska.  Once in Alaska they spent a week on Kodiak Island, then went to Fairbanks and Prudhoe Bay, then cut east back into Yukon and the Nortwest Territories.  Once they headed back south the goal was to ride all the way down the continental divide, off-road as much as possible,  from Canada to Mexico and that took them back down through Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Colorado and finally New Mexico until they hit the Mexico border.

Currently they are on the final leg headed back to the Mid-West and their final destination, Wisconsin.  Click HERE to see their last few days of progress.  We are expecting them back on Wednesday, July 20 and they are planning on attending “Bike Night” at Quaker Steak & Lube in new Berlin off of I-43 with their bikes fresh off the road/trail.  Plan on stopping by to check out the bikes and gear that they used for 2 months of long distance traveling and camping through a wide variety of weather and terrain.

Surviving everything from rain, snow and cold to days over 100+ degrees requires good planning, good gear and bikes that will get you through all types of terrain.  This is your chance to see the bikes fully equipped and hear the story first hand of how everything worked.  There will be gear reviews and stories from the trail posted on the CJ Designs blog as well as here.

Craig is home once he hits Wisconsin but Matthew lives in Ohio so he will have a ride to get back home and Ardie is from Australia and will still have some traveling to do to get back to his home base.  Ardie has literally been around the world this last few months.  Here’s to wishing them a safe final leg and hope you all can come to welcome them home on Wednesday night.


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