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Photography and Words by:  Matthew Fehrmann,

After nearly 18,000 miles running the Remus Revolution Ti Silencer with CJDesigns 2 into 1 adapter I can safely say this is an extremely worth while upgrade.  The silencer design and construction is nothing short of the highest quality in fit and finish.

Not only is this silencer a work of art but it’s light, try 4 pounds a side lighter if you run the twin set up and even lighter if you are running the 2 into 1 adapter like I am.

One of the most noticeable differences as soon as you take your first ride is the sound, it’s very pleasing for those of us who love motor sounds with a deeper than stock growl that means business.  I did not want an overly loud system and where the sound has more punch and a different lower note than stock I still feel it’s quiet enough for the neighborhood and the trails.  If you really enjoy the open motor sound, want to compete with the Harley guys in the neighborhood, or run a few track days pull that insert and unleash the fierce sound of the LC8.  While loud with the insert out the lower note is still pleasing, sounds aggressive, and with a few revs to the limiter your neighbors will wonder what plane is taking off from their driveway.

After some time on the tight trails or stuck in some city commuter traffic you will notice and greatly appreciate the heat reduction.  These pipes run much cooler than stock and you and/or your passenger will greatly appreciate this as the ambient temperature starts sky rocketing in the summer time.

After some fairly major abuse the finish still shines and cleans up very well.  The photograph above is of the famous mud and sodium chloride slurry  from the “haul” road after returning from Dead Horse, AK

Warranty on the Remus Revolution Titanium Silencers is a Lifetime Warranty, yep you heard me right, LIFETIME! That includes running a single silencer with a 2 into 1 adapter, yep you heard me right again.  They have certainly built these to last and with a warranty like that why would you question which exhaust to buy.

Pictured above is the cjdesigns 2 into 1 adapter and this is also a nice piece of kit.  Utilizing the stock exhaust midpipe it’s carefully cut and then expertly tig welded into the 2 to 1 adapter.  This make room for an auxiliary fuel tank or a tool tube on the other side.  We have been testing a new tool tube for the last 17,000 and it has preformed very well, a few minor tweaks and there will be a small production run of these in the next few months (fingers crossed).  Since we are running the Safari tanks holding 12.5 gallons of fuel the tool tube was the right choice for us, the nicest thing about having the extra storage is you can carry front and rear tubes, front sprocket, rear brake pads, tire irons, stock tool kit, small spares, and more all on the bike all the time not just when you are packed for a big trip.  The other added benefit is you do not have to unpack anything to get to any of your tools, as you know standing on the side of the road in the rain digging in your side cases looking for some small part you packed 2 months ago can be a frustrating task.  This leaves the under seat storage available for tools not needed as often, I keep spare plugs, small air compressor, winch extension leads with the remote, and jumper cables there.

Prototype tool tube in action, have everything on the bike wether you are fully loaded or just out for the day trail riding, no extra baggage needed.

Alright enough writing time to go ride.

Matthew Fehrmann

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