CJ Designs 2-1 Pipe for 950/990 Adventure or 950 Super Enduro

Dual Sport Warehouse can equip you with the 2-into-1 pipe for your KTM 950/990 Adventure or for your 950 Super Enduro.  This is a popular option for many KTM owners looking to save weight, run cooler and open up space on the left side of the bike for storage or fuel.

This is a re-manufactured piece from your core pipe and is built to exacting specifications with a cross-over “H” pipe to maximize and equalize the exhaust gas flow.  The welds are smooth and clean and the angle is gradually blended so everything flows, unlike some of the other options on the market.   It will also bolt on just like a stock pipe and everything fits properly.

Our last customer sent us this response when he got his pipe:

“Wayne,  pipe received and now on the bike ready for muffler.  The workmanship is first rate.  Beautiful fitment and welding.  The pipe fit perfectly.  I made a simple heat shield to protect the rubber drain nipple where it is close to the pipe.  Please pass on my thank you to Dave G. for the good work.    Richard”

We have been doing these on a core exchange program but most customers have not been sending in their cores so we do offer a “turn-around” service as well if you contact us by email (info@dualsportwarehouse.com).  Remove your pipe from your bike and ship it to us and we’ll modify it and ship it back to you in 2-3 days in most cases.  Cost is $150.00 + shipping  for this service.  Here is the link to the pipe on our website:  CJD 2-1 Pipe  If it shows back ordered on the site please contact us for the turn-around service.

Remus Revolution Silencer with CJD 2-1 Pipe (Sorry, beer not included!)

This matches up perfectly with a Remus Revolution silencer and they are available in Titanium and Aluminum (Carbon Fiber has been discontinued).   The Revolution silencer comes with a built in spark arrestor, removable sound baffle and has proven to be a durable silencer that can take the abuse of 950 cc’s of power blasting through it for hours on end.  Remus Silencer Link


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