CPR Rottweiler Air Filter Kit for KTM LC8 990/950

Posted: February 17, 2012 in Dual Sport Motorcycle, Motorcycle
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This is the hottest new product for your KTM 950/990 LC8 – The CPR “Rottweiler” intake air filter! This has just hit the market and the first run sold out in a matter of days. Dual Sport Warehouse is taking pre-orders for the next batch and if you want one you need to order NOW. They will be available in about 3 weeks.

The Rottweiler air filter reduces weight by about 3.5 lbs., simplifies the whole intake system on your KTM 990/950 and is the cheapest way to bump your power about 10 hp!

Log on, check it out and get your order in so you don’t miss out on this very cool new air filter kit for your spring riding season.


Rottweiler Air Filter KTM LC8 990

Filter Assembly

Filter Assembly

Bottom Plate of Rottweiler Air Filter


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