Rigid Industries Light Mounting Solutions for KTM 990’s and 690’s

Posted: April 9, 2012 in ATV, Dual Sport Motorcycle, Motorcycle, Snowmobile, Uncategorized
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Dual Sport Warehouse and CJ Designs have developed a couple of light mounting options for KTM 990’s and 690’s that will give you the ability to mount Rigid Industries light bars or individual “Dually” lights.

KTM 690 Enduro R with Rigid Industries 6" light bar SR06SW

  This setup on the KTM 690 makes a huge difference in night time lighting.  The 690 has a terrible 35 watt standard headlight and at night you feel like you’re riding by candlelight.  This version Rigid 6″ light bar puts out 1920 lumens in a spot pattern and it really makes an amazing difference.  You can see down the road and it helps to light up the ditch lines as well.  I’m going to wire this into my high beam and then when I flip to low beams it won’t blind oncoming traffic (it is blinding!).

Custom built light mount brackets - Dual Sport Warehouse will make these available if there is any interest.

For the 690 mounts we made up some fairly simple 1/8″ aluminum brackets that tie into the triple clamp mounts and provide a sturdy mounting point for the 6″ light bar.  You can also mount individual lights on each side if you prefer.  The light bar does block the bottom of the stock headlight but it has very little noticeable effect except on high beam and then the LED light will be on so it doesn’t matter.

The KTM 990 Adventure has a much better stock headlight than the 690 but can still use some help on dark nights or off-road in the middle of nowhere.  CJ Designs came up with a solution for this one that you can either mount a light bar or a pair or “Dually” lights.

KTM 990 Adventure with Rigid Industries 10' light bar SR10CW - Spot/flood combo

This bike was used to prototype the brackets for the Rigid 10″ light bar and it already had some 3′ LED lights mounted on CJD fork mount brackets.  This thing puts out lots of light in this configuration.  Check out http://www.rigidindustries.com for all the details on Rigid LED light specs.

This bike is set up with the CJ Designs brackets and individual Dually lights that put out 1,300 lumens each.  You can also get the newer “D2” Dually and those put out 2,300 lumens each!  That will brighten up your life.  Watch for new updates on www.dualsportwarehouse.com as these brackets and the new single row Rigid lights are loaded on the site.  We will be putting together some package deals to make it an easy install.


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