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cjdesigns llc

We are really excited for this year’s Trans-Wisconsin Adventure Trail Ride!  This year we have 12 riders attending this event.

So, what’s the scoop with this ride? The Trans-Wisconsin Adventure Trail (affectionately abbreviated to the TWAT ride) is a 540+ mile ride across Wisconsin.  A few of our good friends put together a connecting route between the South and North parts of the state.  Over the years, we’ve added our own favorite trails.  You can find the published TWAT ride here:   This ride has evolved into an annual event at CJ Designs, with this year being our 3rd Spring ride.  We’ve also done 2 Fall rides.  The great thing is, there are so many trails and cool things to see/do/ride in Wisconsin, that the trip is a little different each time.

This year, our ride will be a little longer than previous years; 5 days. The route will be about 1400 miles.  Our rough itinerary…

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