The Petrie Motorsports Blog page is a place for us to introduce new products, share our adventures and help you learn what products we think are worth using.  We will post some technical info and try to distribute information relating to the sports we are involved with. 

We try not to be too political but if politics are affecting where we can and can’t ride we will probably have a thing or two say about it.  We want to encourage our readers to have an active role in the outdoor motorsports lifestyle including everything from boating to adventure motorcycling. 

Please click on the email subscription tab in the top section of the page and you will get a copy of everything we post here right in your email in-box.  That way you don’t have to keep checking back to see if we did our job!  It will come to you automatically.

  1. Bryce Ingalls says:

    Very Cool to hear of you Guys in Wisconsin! My Wife is from there and we live in Mn. now.

    We frequent the great state of Cheese and everything else AWESOME, So I will be stopping in to browse and buy some more accessories for the 1190.Adventure R.

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