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BUSINESS CLOSING  –  AUCTION OCTOBER 15th!IMG_20160922_123523.jpg

Petrie Motorsports is closing the doors and going out of business!  Our last day of normal operations will be Saturday October 1st.  We are having an auction on Saturday October 15th to sell all of our remaining inventory, tools and equipment.  We will be selling everything including the building and property at the auction so please plan on attending and I’m sure you will find lots of great deals on everything including our outdoor signage, lots of hard parts for KTM, Sea-Doo, Ski-Doo, and Can-Am, and we still have a lot of truck parts and tools from our truck rental and repair shop days.  Heavy duty hand tools, air tools, lots of air and oil filters, starters, alternators, and many more truck related items.  Click on this link to go to the auction flyer:

Badger State Auction Flyer

If you are a Petrie Motorsports service customer we have made arrangements to transition you to MaXxx Motorsports in Darien, at the intersection of I-43 and Hwy 14.  MaXxx has our customer list and can seamlessly take over any service needs you may have.  They service the same areas that we do and offer pickup and delivery services, storage and also sell Yamaha, Kawasaki and CF Moto product lines.  The phone number for MaXxx is (262) 882-6299.  Just tell them you are a Petrie customer and they will take over from there!

We sincerely appreciate your past patronage over the last 20 years that we have been in the motorsports business and 47 years in the truck rental and leasing business.  Thank-you and please come to our auction on Oct. 15th (Saturday).  Spread the word to anyone you think may be interested.

We will be continuing our Dual Sport Warehouse online site specializing in unique items for dual sport and adventure motorcycles and our truck rental service will continue through at least Oct 15th.


21130380ballistic back-pack jumper pack, the smallest, lightest, portable jump starter for motorcycles

Source: Ballistic Back-Pack

Click the link above for details on

Parts Unlimited puts out a monthly specials flyer called the “Low Down” that features new products, special deals and seasonal features. 5_13_LD-cover  It covers all segments of the motorsports world from watercraft to motocross so you are sure to find something you need if you take the time to check it out.

Click on the picture of the flyer and it will take you directly to the current months specials.  If you see anything you’re interested in just note the part number and call Petrie Motorsports at (262) 723-5518 or email us at to place an order.  Or you are always welcome to stop in at our store at 950 County Rd. H, Elkhorn, WI.

RB’s 2004 Harley Road King
Here is an opportunity to win a 2004 Harley Davidson Road King for a $10 raffle ticket.  RB is a good friend of mine that I’ve played volleyball with for years and he has been hospitalized since July with a strange malady that the doctors have not really been able to diagnose.  RB went from totally normal to completely paralized in about a 24 hour period and has been in the hospital for many months.  Of course the bills are enormous and his friends have rallied around him to help in various ways. 
One of the ways of raising money is raffling off RB’s 2004 Harley Davidson Road King and you can help by purchasing a ticket (or several).  You can order by mail, just follow the instructions below, but hurry because the deadline is Nov. 26th to get in on the drawing Nov. 28th!  Thank-you.
Last call for tickets by mail.
R. B. McCallister, friend and co-worker at Harding Real Estate has been hospitalized since the end of July.  His Harley Davidson Road King is being raffled off.  It is a 2004 with only 3700 miles on it.  Tickets are $10 each with a max of 3,000 tickets being sold.  The winner will be drawn November 28, 2010.  Tickets are available at my office on Rt. 47 or you can order by mail.  Orders must be received by November 26, 2010.  Mail check payable to the RB Benefit Trust to Harding Real Estate 1710 S. Eastwood Dr. Woodstock, IL 60098.

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According to DOI (Department Of Interior) documents uncovered by the AMA (American Motorcylclist Association) the Obama administration is considering closing 13 million acres of public land for use by the public.   The biggest issue is that this is being looked at without any public debate or input from the people and communities affected.   By using National Monument designation the President doesn’t need to go through the normal process of public input before moving forward. 

Several congressmen from both parties in the affected area (in 11 states: Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Utah, Washington and Wyoming) have spoken out against such an anti-access stance taken by the current administration.  For a more detailed report you can go to the Motorsports Newswire blog:

This is an important issue that will impact all types of recreation on public lands in these 11 states.  But don’t think it will stop there because your state will be next if you don’t get involved and voice your concerns with being locked out of our public lands.  Every year the extreme environmental groups ram-rod some new land grab through and bit-by-bit (or several million acres at a time) the lands that have been set aside for public use and recreation are closed and designated as “wilderness” or “national monuments” locking out the people who have paid to have these lands!  It’s our tax dollars that are used to set aside public land for pubic use, and it is our same tax dollars that are used to exclude us from using that land, so we need to be active in the decision process that determines how that land is designated.  Don’t leave it to the vocal, well funded, and single-minded anti-access groups to decide how your future will look.

Popular Science Magazine has presented BRP with their prestigous “Best of What’s New” award for their Sea-Doo GTX Ltd. iS with iControl technology.  The annual award is presented to a product that “challenges our views of what’s possible in the future.”

2009 Sea-Doo GTX Ltd iS in action

For more information on the Sea-Doo GTX iS contact us at Petrie Motorsports.  We can get you the new 2010 version on order so you can experience the thrill first-hand!

For details on the award follow the link below: