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CJ Designs is moving their house and shop so they are not shipping parts for the next week (or so).  This is just a notice that if you are ordering CJ Design parts from Dual Sport Warehouse that they most likely will be delayed in shipping until the week of May 6th or later.  Most other products will be available from DSW on a normal time frame.

Thank-you for your understanding during this time of transition and we hope to have things back to normal in just over a week.

WI-MI Ride 10-10


One of the early products CJ Designs came out with a few years back was the clutch cooler reservoir for the KTM 950 Adventure.  It added nearly 3 times the volume of clutch hydraulic fluid available and kept everything in the system full and running cool.

The cooler reservoir is a pretty small piece but requires extremely precise machining so when stock ran out about a year ago a new batch was not started since the 950’s were getting a little older and there was less demand for the product.  But…there apparently are still some of you out there that see the need for the little bugger so CJ Designs has responded with a new batch available – now!

CJD KTM 990 Adventure clutch coolers in production

CJD KTM 990 Adventure clutch coolers in production


CJD KTM 950 Adventure clutch coolers (with the choke lever boss) getting assembled

The 990 version is in stock now at Dual Sport Warehouse in orange or black and the 950 version with the choke lever mounting boss will be in stock in about 2 weeks (same colors).  For advance planning, if you own a 950 this is going to be your last chance at this product since this will be the last production run.  Don’t wait and miss your chance.

Each year Powersports Business dealer magazine picks 50 new, unique, useful and “cool” products in the motorcycle marketplace and highlights them to dealers in the industry.

CJ Designs Expedition Storage Box on KTM 950 Super Enduro

CJ Designs Expedition Storage Box on KTM 950 Super Enduro

Nifty50Winner2013  The Expedition Storage Box is designed to replace the left side exhaust can on KTM 950/990 Avdventure’ s and Super Enduro’s.  This will give you about 2 gallons of storage space for tools, tubes, cooking supplies or anything else you need to carry along on your travels.

These hot new CJ Designs products are in stock at Dual Sport Warehouse and you can get your own by simply clicking on the links below:

For the Super Enduro version click HERE

For the Adventure version click HERE

Be sure to check out all the rest of the great products at Dual Sport Warehouse while you are on the site.  We have things like the 2-1 Remus Roxx Exhaust systems you will need to be able to mount the Expedition Storage Box (your bike has to have a single side exhaust conversion and the storage box goes where your left side can was) and the CJD Liquid Storage Tanks (sister product to the storage boxes).

If you’re prepping your bike for the spring season, now is the time to check out all the cool, functional and real world tested products from Dual Sport Warehouse.

Yah Baby! I got my mojo back!

We got out with a group of 11 guys to ride the Trans WI Adventure Trail (the CJ Designs/Dual Sport Warehouse version) and as you can see we had some fun.  Just had to share this photo (thanks Bo).  I have no idea what was going on and I probably don’t want to know but it kind of captures Joey’s “mojo”!

This shot was taken at the Northern end of the route on the shoreline of Lake Superior.

For more pictures and video of the trip go to our Dual Sport Warehouse Facebook page (and “like” us while you’re there) or, you can go to the Petrie Motorsports Google + page and check out the pictures from the ride as well.

Remus Roxx 2-1 Titanium Exhaust for KTM 950/990

For several years Dual Sport Warehouse and CJ Designs have been making a 2-1 pipe for the KTM 950 Adventure and matching it with a Remus Revolution titanium silencer to modify the stock 950 dual exhaust (heavy and hot) into a right side only exhaust that saves about 15 lbs. and runs much cooler.  Another benefit is that you now have a spot to mount a tool canister or extra fuel tank where the left side silencer was.

Now Remus has come out with a complete kit for the KTM 950/990 bikes that includes their titanium Roxx silencer, 2-1 pipe, hardware and carbon fiber clamp.  All the same benefits of the CJ Designs setup and in a convenient kit that bolts right up with perfect fitment.



Right side Remus Roxx system on KTM 990 Adventure

The REMUS RoxX was especially designed for hardcore off road competition. During the development process, the silencer went through many test phases and was put through different racing conditions to guarantee performance and durability under the toughest conditions.

The inlet cap of the REMUS RoxX is similar to the Okami and is made of stainless steel, manufactured using a sophisticated hydro forming process. The outlet cap is made of an impact resistant Polyamide fibre compound. REMUS offers the brand new RoxX with titanium as well as a stainless steel sleeve. Furthermore, REMUS will offer a special lightweight construction silencer using titanium internal components to keep the weight at a minimum for competition usage.
Highest priority for the REMUS research & development team was to develop a sport silencer which fulfills the noise limits for off-road competitions but also to provide performance and torque increase compared to the original exhaust system. Furthermore, durability under extreme conditions is an important factor for the REMUS technicians.

Sleek, Lightweight and Sounds Great!

The stainless steel version of the REMUS RoxX will be less than 2 kilos. The lightweight titanium construction silencer which is notably lighter will turn the REMUS RoxX into a top level competition silencer.
Due to the removable sound insert (with spark arrestor), the REMUS RoxX offers the possibility to conform to the strong noise reduction regulations and the option to use the silencer as an EC approved street version.

This top quality system is in stock at Dual Sport Warehouse and they are proving to be very popular.  The feedback has been great from the customers that have already installed it on their bikes. “Lighter, cooler, sounds better, helps smooth out the throttle” and many more positive reviews.

Dual Sport Warehouse and CJ Designs have developed a couple of light mounting options for KTM 990’s and 690’s that will give you the ability to mount Rigid Industries light bars or individual “Dually” lights.

KTM 690 Enduro R with Rigid Industries 6" light bar SR06SW

  This setup on the KTM 690 makes a huge difference in night time lighting.  The 690 has a terrible 35 watt standard headlight and at night you feel like you’re riding by candlelight.  This version Rigid 6″ light bar puts out 1920 lumens in a spot pattern and it really makes an amazing difference.  You can see down the road and it helps to light up the ditch lines as well.  I’m going to wire this into my high beam and then when I flip to low beams it won’t blind oncoming traffic (it is blinding!).

Custom built light mount brackets - Dual Sport Warehouse will make these available if there is any interest.

For the 690 mounts we made up some fairly simple 1/8″ aluminum brackets that tie into the triple clamp mounts and provide a sturdy mounting point for the 6″ light bar.  You can also mount individual lights on each side if you prefer.  The light bar does block the bottom of the stock headlight but it has very little noticeable effect except on high beam and then the LED light will be on so it doesn’t matter.

The KTM 990 Adventure has a much better stock headlight than the 690 but can still use some help on dark nights or off-road in the middle of nowhere.  CJ Designs came up with a solution for this one that you can either mount a light bar or a pair or “Dually” lights.

KTM 990 Adventure with Rigid Industries 10' light bar SR10CW - Spot/flood combo

This bike was used to prototype the brackets for the Rigid 10″ light bar and it already had some 3′ LED lights mounted on CJD fork mount brackets.  This thing puts out lots of light in this configuration.  Check out for all the details on Rigid LED light specs.

This bike is set up with the CJ Designs brackets and individual Dually lights that put out 1,300 lumens each.  You can also get the newer “D2” Dually and those put out 2,300 lumens each!  That will brighten up your life.  Watch for new updates on as these brackets and the new single row Rigid lights are loaded on the site.  We will be putting together some package deals to make it an easy install.

This is the hottest new product for your KTM 950/990 LC8 – The CPR “Rottweiler” intake air filter! This has just hit the market and the first run sold out in a matter of days. Dual Sport Warehouse is taking pre-orders for the next batch and if you want one you need to order NOW. They will be available in about 3 weeks.

The Rottweiler air filter reduces weight by about 3.5 lbs., simplifies the whole intake system on your KTM 990/950 and is the cheapest way to bump your power about 10 hp!

Log on, check it out and get your order in so you don’t miss out on this very cool new air filter kit for your spring riding season.

Rottweiler Air Filter KTM LC8 990

Filter Assembly

Filter Assembly

Bottom Plate of Rottweiler Air Filter