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Remus Sport Exhaust HexaCone Slip On KTM 1190 Adventure

Dual Sport Warehouse has been using and selling Remus Sport Exhaust systems for years on KTM motorcycles and we have found them to be very durable and high quality.  If you want a reasonably priced unit that will withstand years of use then you want Remus! Now Remus is one of the first to market with a beautifully crafted titanium slip on for the KTM 1190 Adventure, or you can choose the full carbon fiber model if you really want to stand out.

The REMUS HexaCone is the outcome of complete new material pairings in the construction of motorcycle silencers. This novelty causes much of attention with its exceptional optic resulting from the material combination carbon/titanium and the asymmetric-hexagonal design of the silencer body which guarantees excellent ground clearance whilst cornering.

The whole experience of the REMUS experts also flows into the internals of the HexaCone silencer: Low sleeve thickness to reduce weight, flow optimised components and the possibility to remove the sound insert for the racetrack make the REMUS HexaCone the spearhead of the entire REMUS sports exhaust line. The REMUS HexaCone is EC approved and offers in addition to the well known sonorous REMUS sound a performance and torque increase and convinces with a weight of just 1.5 kg in the full titanium version.

The REMUS HexaCone is a feast for the eyes, offering technical sophistication in combination with an extraordinary completely new design.

This is the Slip On version of the Remus HexaCone which includes the connector pipe and Carbon Fiber heat shield.


Remus Sport Exhaust HexaCone Slip On KTM 1190 Adventure.


Remus Roxx 2-1 Titanium Exhaust for KTM 950/990

For several years Dual Sport Warehouse and CJ Designs have been making a 2-1 pipe for the KTM 950 Adventure and matching it with a Remus Revolution titanium silencer to modify the stock 950 dual exhaust (heavy and hot) into a right side only exhaust that saves about 15 lbs. and runs much cooler.  Another benefit is that you now have a spot to mount a tool canister or extra fuel tank where the left side silencer was.

Now Remus has come out with a complete kit for the KTM 950/990 bikes that includes their titanium Roxx silencer, 2-1 pipe, hardware and carbon fiber clamp.  All the same benefits of the CJ Designs setup and in a convenient kit that bolts right up with perfect fitment.



Right side Remus Roxx system on KTM 990 Adventure

The REMUS RoxX was especially designed for hardcore off road competition. During the development process, the silencer went through many test phases and was put through different racing conditions to guarantee performance and durability under the toughest conditions.

The inlet cap of the REMUS RoxX is similar to the Okami and is made of stainless steel, manufactured using a sophisticated hydro forming process. The outlet cap is made of an impact resistant Polyamide fibre compound. REMUS offers the brand new RoxX with titanium as well as a stainless steel sleeve. Furthermore, REMUS will offer a special lightweight construction silencer using titanium internal components to keep the weight at a minimum for competition usage.
Highest priority for the REMUS research & development team was to develop a sport silencer which fulfills the noise limits for off-road competitions but also to provide performance and torque increase compared to the original exhaust system. Furthermore, durability under extreme conditions is an important factor for the REMUS technicians.

Sleek, Lightweight and Sounds Great!

The stainless steel version of the REMUS RoxX will be less than 2 kilos. The lightweight titanium construction silencer which is notably lighter will turn the REMUS RoxX into a top level competition silencer.
Due to the removable sound insert (with spark arrestor), the REMUS RoxX offers the possibility to conform to the strong noise reduction regulations and the option to use the silencer as an EC approved street version.

This top quality system is in stock at Dual Sport Warehouse and they are proving to be very popular.  The feedback has been great from the customers that have already installed it on their bikes. “Lighter, cooler, sounds better, helps smooth out the throttle” and many more positive reviews.

CJ Designs 2-1 Pipe for 950/990 Adventure or 950 Super Enduro

Dual Sport Warehouse can equip you with the 2-into-1 pipe for your KTM 950/990 Adventure or for your 950 Super Enduro.  This is a popular option for many KTM owners looking to save weight, run cooler and open up space on the left side of the bike for storage or fuel.

This is a re-manufactured piece from your core pipe and is built to exacting specifications with a cross-over “H” pipe to maximize and equalize the exhaust gas flow.  The welds are smooth and clean and the angle is gradually blended so everything flows, unlike some of the other options on the market.   It will also bolt on just like a stock pipe and everything fits properly.

Our last customer sent us this response when he got his pipe:

“Wayne,  pipe received and now on the bike ready for muffler.  The workmanship is first rate.  Beautiful fitment and welding.  The pipe fit perfectly.  I made a simple heat shield to protect the rubber drain nipple where it is close to the pipe.  Please pass on my thank you to Dave G. for the good work.    Richard”

We have been doing these on a core exchange program but most customers have not been sending in their cores so we do offer a “turn-around” service as well if you contact us by email (  Remove your pipe from your bike and ship it to us and we’ll modify it and ship it back to you in 2-3 days in most cases.  Cost is $150.00 + shipping  for this service.  Here is the link to the pipe on our website:  CJD 2-1 Pipe  If it shows back ordered on the site please contact us for the turn-around service.

Remus Revolution Silencer with CJD 2-1 Pipe (Sorry, beer not included!)

This matches up perfectly with a Remus Revolution silencer and they are available in Titanium and Aluminum (Carbon Fiber has been discontinued).   The Revolution silencer comes with a built in spark arrestor, removable sound baffle and has proven to be a durable silencer that can take the abuse of 950 cc’s of power blasting through it for hours on end.  Remus Silencer Link

Photography and Words by:  Matthew Fehrmann,

After nearly 18,000 miles running the Remus Revolution Ti Silencer with CJDesigns 2 into 1 adapter I can safely say this is an extremely worth while upgrade.  The silencer design and construction is nothing short of the highest quality in fit and finish.

Not only is this silencer a work of art but it’s light, try 4 pounds a side lighter if you run the twin set up and even lighter if you are running the 2 into 1 adapter like I am.

One of the most noticeable differences as soon as you take your first ride is the sound, it’s very pleasing for those of us who love motor sounds with a deeper than stock growl that means business.  I did not want an overly loud system and where the sound has more punch and a different lower note than stock I still feel it’s quiet enough for the neighborhood and the trails.  If you really enjoy the open motor sound, want to compete with the Harley guys in the neighborhood, or run a few track days pull that insert and unleash the fierce sound of the LC8.  While loud with the insert out the lower note is still pleasing, sounds aggressive, and with a few revs to the limiter your neighbors will wonder what plane is taking off from their driveway.

After some time on the tight trails or stuck in some city commuter traffic you will notice and greatly appreciate the heat reduction.  These pipes run much cooler than stock and you and/or your passenger will greatly appreciate this as the ambient temperature starts sky rocketing in the summer time.

After some fairly major abuse the finish still shines and cleans up very well.  The photograph above is of the famous mud and sodium chloride slurry  from the “haul” road after returning from Dead Horse, AK

Warranty on the Remus Revolution Titanium Silencers is a Lifetime Warranty, yep you heard me right, LIFETIME! That includes running a single silencer with a 2 into 1 adapter, yep you heard me right again.  They have certainly built these to last and with a warranty like that why would you question which exhaust to buy.

Pictured above is the cjdesigns 2 into 1 adapter and this is also a nice piece of kit.  Utilizing the stock exhaust midpipe it’s carefully cut and then expertly tig welded into the 2 to 1 adapter.  This make room for an auxiliary fuel tank or a tool tube on the other side.  We have been testing a new tool tube for the last 17,000 and it has preformed very well, a few minor tweaks and there will be a small production run of these in the next few months (fingers crossed).  Since we are running the Safari tanks holding 12.5 gallons of fuel the tool tube was the right choice for us, the nicest thing about having the extra storage is you can carry front and rear tubes, front sprocket, rear brake pads, tire irons, stock tool kit, small spares, and more all on the bike all the time not just when you are packed for a big trip.  The other added benefit is you do not have to unpack anything to get to any of your tools, as you know standing on the side of the road in the rain digging in your side cases looking for some small part you packed 2 months ago can be a frustrating task.  This leaves the under seat storage available for tools not needed as often, I keep spare plugs, small air compressor, winch extension leads with the remote, and jumper cables there.

Prototype tool tube in action, have everything on the bike wether you are fully loaded or just out for the day trail riding, no extra baggage needed.

Alright enough writing time to go ride.

Matthew Fehrmann

Remus Exhaust available at

On the trail as the journey winds down

The three adventurers, Craig, Matthew and Ardie, are on the last leg of their journey that has taken them from WI, across the northern U.S., through Canada – BC, Yukon and into Alaska.  Once in Alaska they spent a week on Kodiak Island, then went to Fairbanks and Prudhoe Bay, then cut east back into Yukon and the Nortwest Territories.  Once they headed back south the goal was to ride all the way down the continental divide, off-road as much as possible,  from Canada to Mexico and that took them back down through Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Colorado and finally New Mexico until they hit the Mexico border.

Currently they are on the final leg headed back to the Mid-West and their final destination, Wisconsin.  Click HERE to see their last few days of progress.  We are expecting them back on Wednesday, July 20 and they are planning on attending “Bike Night” at Quaker Steak & Lube in new Berlin off of I-43 with their bikes fresh off the road/trail.  Plan on stopping by to check out the bikes and gear that they used for 2 months of long distance traveling and camping through a wide variety of weather and terrain.

Surviving everything from rain, snow and cold to days over 100+ degrees requires good planning, good gear and bikes that will get you through all types of terrain.  This is your chance to see the bikes fully equipped and hear the story first hand of how everything worked.  There will be gear reviews and stories from the trail posted on the CJ Designs blog as well as here.

Craig is home once he hits Wisconsin but Matthew lives in Ohio so he will have a ride to get back home and Ardie is from Australia and will still have some traveling to do to get back to his home base.  Ardie has literally been around the world this last few months.  Here’s to wishing them a safe final leg and hope you all can come to welcome them home on Wednesday night.

Matthew, Katie, Craig & Ardie somewhere around Kodiak, Alaska

A quick update for those of you following the Three Muskateers on their Alaska, and other parts, adventure.  They made it from Wisconsin to Alaska in 9 days, approximately 5,000 miles to Anchorage.  They met Craig’s wife, Katie, in Anchorage and then headed out to Kodiak Island for about a week and then back to Anchorage to regroup for a day and then traveled up to Fairbanks. 

Katie flew out of Fairbanks, her two weeks already over.  I’m sure it seemed like not nearly enough time for her.  But she is safely back in Wisconsin and I need to contact her and round up some parts that Craig has stashed around the house.   With everyone out travelling my parts supply is dwindling!

After sending Katie off, Craig, Ardie and Matthew headed north for Prudhoe Bay and I just got his last “spot” from his satellite tracker and they have reached one of the northern-most points is the United States.  Click here to see their location.  The tracker shows their last 5 or 6 days of locations so you can see where they’ve been and how they got there. 

From here I believe they have to head back to Fairbanks (that’s the only road) and then over to Inuvik in the Northwest Territories and then start heading south along the Continental Divide all the way to Mexico!  The fun is just getting started.   

Kodiak Island "rain forest". Looks more like a scene from "Swamp Thing".

Gravel roads, mountains, water - Beautiful Alaska

For anyone wanting to follow the progress of our group of guys headed for Alaska, you can track them with CJ’s spot device and see where they’ve been and their current location.  Just click here for todays “spot” or you can stay up to date by clicking on the spot icon in the top left corner of CJ Designs website.

The latest transformation of Craig's bike as he prepared for the Alaska trip

Craig has been hard at work prior to this trip on some new CJ Designs products that are getting tested out on the trip and should be available later this year.  Things like fuel tanks, tool boxes, panier boxes and skid plates are prototyped and being torture tested on this trip in preparation for sale on Dual Sport Warehouse.

Ardie, Craig & Matthew ready to hit the road

You can follow the story with pictures on the CJ Designs Blog.  They are logging a new post each day with a few pictures and dialog of where they rode that day.